About Us

Your home is usually your biggest investment and we want you to love it. Landmark’s owners, Nat and Ross realise how stressful and challenging home building can be and want your experience to be fun and exciting. At Landmark, we offer our clients complete building solutions and take the honour of constructing your dream home very seriously. We aim to deliver the best possible home to our clients and pride ourselves on adhering to our philosophy – Best Price, Best Quality, Best Service – every time.

Best Price doesn’t just mean the most competitive. We believe it’s more than that. Delivering the right house to our clients’ specific needs and quoting accordingly. Whether it’s designing a functional investment property, first home or luxury waterfront property, we listen to our clients to achieve a design that works and doesn’t blow the budget.

Best quality is very important to Landmark. In business now for eight years, we’ve retained 90% of our valued tradesman who started with us on our first ever Landmark construction site. This inevitably leads to better service, craftsmanship and teamwork. Landmark also uses only quality suppliers and believes heavily in using locally made products and building supplies.

Best Service – We don’t just value our clients, but our tradespeople and staff too. Our Construction and Administration Teams are dedicated professionals that will lead you through the building process from concept to completion. Meet with the co-owner, Nat, to conceptualise and price your new home and then onto Landmark’s other co-owner, Ross to build the house. We believe this approach and having both company owners involved in each and every construction leads to better service and quality for our clients. We’re so confident in our Project Management Methodology that we’ll give you a handover date well before the contract completion arrives.

Landmark offers complete turnkey packages – sign your contract, go on holiday and come back to your dream house completed!